Shaker Double Wall Jungle 700 ml - SmartShake


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Shaker Double Wall Jungle is specially designed shaker which has two isolating walls and overlooked design. The precise processing of high quality material of isolating walls will keep your drink warm or cold for a long time. In addition, this 700 ml shaker contains safety hook for attachment for the simplest using. 

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Shaker Double Wall Jungle - shaker with two isolating walls, unique design and comfortable using

Shaker Double Wall Jungle has two quality processed isolating walls thanks to which it will keep your drink warm or cold for a long time. With volume 700 ml, it is a great helper to the gym or on the roads. On the bottom of shaker, there is high quality gum which ensures unbreakability of shaker at bumps.  


Shaker Double Wall Jungle contains tight grating which serves for effective mixing of your drinks. It has thin and elegant grip thanks to which enables you to grab it the best way, in addition, it offers the possibility of attachment with the help of simple safety hook. It has timeless design which will guarantee that your shaker will be overlooked. 


Shaker Double Wall Jungle 700 ml - SmartShake


Shaker Double Wall Jungle and its benefits

  • shaker with 2 isolating walls
  • has volume 700 ml 
  • will keep your drink warm or cold for long time
  • has unique design
  • has thin and elegant grip
  • it contains firm and function grating for drink mixing
  • the rubber on the bottom against bumps
  • it contains safety hook

How to use it?

Simply, sprinkle the needed amount of supplement, protein powder, creatine powder or pre-workout stimulant. Then add water, milk, juice, close well and mix until the powder is dissolved. Thanks to inside grating, the powder will dissolve and after a few seconds you can consume your favourite drink. 

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