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The SWING II Fitness Bands Set contains 3 fitness bands with variable tension and resistance, which you can use to adapt your exercise to your specific requirements. Resistance bands are made of high-quality, strong rubber, which guarantees their long lifetime.

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SWING II Fitness Bands Set - 3 resistance fitness bands with variable tension and resistance for full-body workout

SWING II Fitness Bands Set contains 3 fitness bands with variable tension and resistance. Grey band offers weak resistance, green band - medium resistance, and red band - strong resistance. Thanks to variable tension and resistance of fitness bands, you can easily adapt your workout to your specific requirements. You can do full-body workout at home, yoga or pilates. Fitness bands can be also used for stretching or rehab exercises to make regeneration process faster. In addition, resistance bands are made of high quality and strong material, which guarantees their long lifetime.



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