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Series-5 Skyscraper Compression Leggings are designed to meet the needs of the most demanding athletes. The high compression helps reduce muscle vibrations during sports, which contributes to your comfort and performance. Additionally, the leggings feature a high waist and a special cut that will shape up your butt. They are further equipped with reflective logos for safety, and a practical pocket located in the hip area, which can be used to store your cell phone, keys, or other small items. Ideal for even the most intense training sessions. 

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Women's Series-5 Skyscraper Compression Leggings with high waist provide strong compression and perfectly shape up your butt

Series-5 Skyscraper Compression Leggings are a well-designed and highly functional sports clothing item that will meet the needs of even the most demanding athletes. The high compression improves blood circulation, which causes muscle lactates to break down faster and thus improves your muscle regeneration rate. During physical activity, the leggings close tightly around your body, reducing muscle vibrations, which improves your performance. The leggings sport a high waist and a special cut that will shape up your butt. This makes them very popular among athletes who want to both feel and look great while exercising.


The leggings are made mostly from polyamide (76%), which makes them very pleasant to touch. Aside from the comfort they provide, you will also appreciate their ability to absorb sweat and subsequently dry off very quickly. The remaining 24% of the material is made of an elastane admixture, which makes the leggings fit your body perfectly. This means you can easily wear them for longer training sessions. The leggings are also equipped with a small pocket in the hip area, suitable for storing small items such as your locker key. Finally, they are also suitable for outdoor use, with their reflective logo which will make you safely visible even under less than ideal visibility conditions. 


Series-5 Skyscraper Compression Leggings & their benefits 

  • high compression level 
  • made from elastane and polyamide mixture
  • PETA-Approved Vegan certified
  • designed to reduce vibrations and improve performance
  • perfectly fit any figure
  • high waist design
  • perfectly shape up your behind
  • excellent breathability
  • provide great sweat absorption and are quick to dry off
  • equipped with a pocket for small items
  • equipped with a reflective logo for your safety



76 % polyamide (nylon), 24 % elastane


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