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ROLL 2-in-1 Massage and Exercise Foam Roller is a unique fitness tool for everyone looking to improve their regeneration via massage, or to get a quality stretch after a difficult workday. It consists of two parts, both of which can be used individually. The inner part is made from soft foam, and is ideal for stretching. The outer component is ribbed and serves as a massage tool.

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ROLL 2-in-1 Massage and Exercise Foam Roller is a practical tool for stretching and relaxing your muscles with a massage 

ROLL 2-in-1 Massage and Exercise Foam Roller is a highly practical fitness tool you can use to massage your muscles. It consists of two components, both of which can be used individually, giving you two massage rollers in one. The inner roller is made from soft foam and is ideal for stretching, yoga and light full body massage. The outer component is more solid and has a ribbed surface, which provides a deep massage of muscles and fascia.


Using massage rollers before exercising can help you increase blood flow in your muscles, preparing them for the upcoming strain of your training. After your workout, a massage is ideal for relaxing the heavily strained muscles. The increased blood flow helps remove accumulated lactates - waste products of metabolism - improving your regeneration rate. The rollers are, however, also suitable for use throughout the day to improve the elastic properties of your muscles, and to increase the mobility of your joints. 2-in-1 Massage Roller is therefore suitable for all types of athletes


Moreover, the product is also perfect for professionals whose work includes hard physical labour, or, conversely, sedentary office labour, which often produces back pains. In both cases, the massage roller is a great solution to relaxing stiff muscles.      


ROLL 2-in-1Massage and Exercise Foam Roller & its advantages

  • a practical fitness tool
  • composed of two parts
  • inner roller made of soft foam
  • outer roller has a ribbed surface
  • suitable for deep full body massage
  • ideal for stretching
  • effectively relaxes strained muscles
  • boosts blood circulation in muscles
  • Foam roller dimensions: 33 x 10 cm
  • Ribbed roller dimensions:  33 x 14.5 cm 
  • great for use both before and after a workout
  • useful not only for athletes               



Size 33 cm 14.5 cm / 10 cm
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