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Restore Textured Foam Roller has a textured surface that allows a deep massage of your muscles. In addition, it feels very pleasant during training thanks to the foam material. Effectively relieves muscle tension in areas such as legs, shoulders, arms or back.

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Restore Textured Foam Roller - a useful tool for deep massage of stiff muscles

Restore Textured Foam Roller is the right choice if you suffer from stiff muscles. It relieves muscle tension very effectively and, thanks to its textured surface, it is also suitable for deep tissue massage.


It has compact dimensions that allow you to work on relieving tension in smaller areas and isolating certain muscle parts. It also helps with better blood circulation and faster regeneration. At the same time, it serves as injury prevention.


Restore Textured Foam Roller & its benefits:

  • textured surface that allows deep massage
  • made from a pleasant foam material
  • very effectively relieves muscle tension
  • improves blood circulation and accelerates regeneration
  • serves as injury prevention



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