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The Raw Energy bar contains a minimum of ingredients, but it will still please you with its delicious taste. In addition, it will give you a dose of energy and makes you perfectly satiated. It is made only from natural and raw ingredients, making you feel the taste of nature. It is gluten-free and without added sugar, so it is also suitable for vegans.

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The Raw Energy bar is made only of natural ingredients that will give you a dose of energy

The Raw Energy bar is an exceptional bar with a minimum of ingredients and a rich taste. It is made from natural and uncooked raw materials, so it has an original and distinctive taste. In addition, it satisfies you perfectly and you can also replenish the necessary energy, fiber and protein. It is free of gluten, added sugar, artificial sweeteners and preservatives, but on the contrary, it contains exclusively natural ingredients, so it will also please all the vegans and celiacs. Taste the power of nature in its purest form!


Raw Energy bar 50 g - Bombus


The Raw Energy bar and its benefits

  • tasty energy bar
  • is made of natural and uncooked raw materials
  • does not contain gluten or added sugar
  • does not contain preservatives or artificial sweeteners
  • contains vitamins and minerals only from natural sources
  • provides energy and satiates well
  • is also suitable for vegans and celiacs



Cocoa beans flavour : dates (73%), cocoa beans (18%) and cocoa (9%).

Coconut cacao flavour: dates (68%), coconut (26%) and cocoa (6%).


Nutrition table 

Nutrition facts - cocoa beans flavour100 g50 g
Calories 353 Kcal 176,5 Kcal
Fat 11,29 g 5,65 g
   of which saturated 6,89 g 3,45 g
Carbohydrate 46,60 g 23,30 g
   of which sugars 45,30 g 22,65 g
Fiber 19,30 g 9,65 g
Protein 6,62 g 3,31 g 
Salt 0,028 g 0,014 g


Nutrition facts - coconut cocoa flavour100 g50 g
Calories 401 Kcal 200,5 Kcal
Fat 17,99 g  9,00 g
   of which saturated 16,13 g 8,07 g
Carbohydrate 48,30 g 24,15 g
   of which sugars 44,10 g 22,05 g
Fiber 12,70 g 6,35 g
Protein 5,04 g 2,52 g 
Salt 0,038 g 0,019 g
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