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Python Mirror Swim Goggles will satisfy the needs of even the most demanding swimmers. They have a hydrodynamic design, wide-angle lenses and feature anti-fog technology. Mirror lenses with UV protection also protect the eyes from the sun's rays. They are suitable for swimming in the pool and open water.

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Python Mirror Swim Goggles have a hydrodynamic design and mirror lenses with UV filter to protect your eyes from the sun's rays

Python Mirror Swim Goggles are a must-have for every swimmer who wants to give the best performance in the water. Their main purpose is to protect your eyes from water, chlorine and other chemicals. They also feature a hydrodynamic shape, which minimizes water resistance. The wide-angle lenses then allow panoramic vision, giving you a better view of what's going on around you. This is important, for example, in races where you need to know the position of your opponent. Your clear vision is also taken care of by the lenses, which are equipped with anti-fog technology. When swimming outdoors, you will also appreciate the mirror surface with UV protection, which reflects the sun's rays. 


These swim goggles will also please you with the soft silicone seal, which minimizes pressure around the eyes. You won't feel them on your face as much and can fully concentrate on your performance. To give you the best fit, the circumference can be adjusted with an adjustable double strap. The goggles also have a replaceable nose bridge, allowing you to choose from a longer or shorter one to perfectly fit your face shape. 


The Python Mirror Swim Goggles will thus satisfy the needs of every recreational and competitive swimmer or triathlete. Suitable for swimming in an indoor and outdoor pool or an open water such as a lake, river or sea.


Python Mirror Swim Goggles & their benefits

  • protective goggles designed to be worn while swimming 
  • help protect your eyes from the water, chlorine and other chemicals
  • have a hydrodynamic shape
  • allow wide-angle vision
  • feature anti-fog technology
  • mirror lenses with UV protection
  • have a soft silicone seal
  • you can choose from shorter or longer nose bridge
  • have an adjustable double strap
  • fit well on the face
  • suitable for recreational and professional swimmers
  • ideal for swimmers and triathletes
  • suitable for pool and open water 
  • unisex



60% silicone, 40% polycarbonate

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