Protein Cookies

Protein Cookies is a category that contains delicious protein cookies that just melt on the tongue. They are suitable for immediate consumption, so there is no need to bother looking for a recipe to make protein cookies. What's more, they are also an excellent alternative to the traditional bars, cookies or sweets. Protein cookies have a wonderful nutritional profile, are very filling and keep the sweet tooth at bay. A great example is the delicious protein cookie called MoiMüv Protein Cookie. It boasts a high protein content for optimal muscle growth and bone health. In addition, this protein cookie, along with other snacks in this category, is also suitable for weight loss.

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When to reach for protein cookies? 

Protein cookies can be enjoyed at any time of the day, no matter if you are at home, work, university, preparing to exercise, on the way from training or while travelling. However, these delicious protein cookies also taste great while taking in the mountain views or while hiking.  

In this case, they will please you not only with their taste, but they will also prove useful as a quick snack or brunch to replenish energy. Feel free to also enjoy our protein cookies as a healthy coffee dessert. In addition, these delicious protein cookies are also great to have at hand when engaged in your favourite sports, such as skiing, cycling, skating, running and so on. They fit perfectly into the diet and spirit of a healthy lifestyle. 

Discover our offer of delicious protein cookies that will delight you with their taste and rich protein content. 

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  1. The Complete Cookie 113 g - Lenny & Larrys
    The Complete Cookie 113 g - Lenny & Larrys
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  2. MoiMüv Protein Cookie - GymBeam
    MoiMüv Protein Cookie - GymBeam
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  3. Protein Cookie Protein Cookie 75 g - All Stars
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    Protein Cookie 75 g - All Stars
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