Warrior Supplements Protein Bars

Protein Bars from manufacturer Warrior Supplements is a category that offers delicious snacks with a high-quality nutritional profile. They serve as a healthier alternative to the traditional muesli bars, which are very filling and take care of your sweet tooth. In this category you will find delicious protein bars with a high protein content with at least 20% of their energy value coming from proteins themselves. A great example is the Protein PureBar. Moreover, there is also a selection of protein bars with a low sugar content that contain no more than 5 g of sugar per 100 g, such as the MoiMüv Protein Wafer. Next we have protein bars for vegans, which contain plant-based proteins and other carefully selected ingredients, a great example being the BIO Vegan Protein Bar. The offer also includes protein bars with a low-carb content and healthy protein bars that are a perfect choice when on a diet.

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In addition, the overall selection will also caress your taste buds as this category features protein bars in the coconut, nut, caramel, chocolate or dried fruit flavours. Take for example the MoiMüv Protein Bar, which is the most popular choice. Along with the other protein bars, it is also suitable for weight loss and gaining muscle mass, because you know exactly how much energy and macronutrients it contains.

When to reach for protein bars?

You can indulge in our protein bars at any time of the day at home, at school, before exercise, on the way from gym, at work or on the go. However, legend has it that they taste best with a nice view of the mountains. But that's not the only occasion during which they will serve as a quick snack or brunch to replenish energy. Protein bars can also be enjoyed as coffee dessert, which will satiate you to perfection on top of that.

In addition, they can be your companion, for example, when skiing, cross-country skiing, cycling, skating or doing other activities. Their ingredient profile is designed to fit perfectly into the mosaic of a healthy lifestyle. Protein bars are additionally also suitable for weight loss or gaining muscle mass.

If you are interested in this topic and want to learn more about which protein bar is suitable for you, read our article: How to Choose a Good Protein Bar?

Have a taste of our offer of protein bars, try their functional ingredient profile and let your taste buds be the judge.

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  1. Protein bar Crunch 64 g - Warrior
    Protein bar Crunch 64 g - Warrior
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