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Profi Fitness Belt with adjustable size will be of great help to every athlete looking to strengthen their hips when lifting their maximum weight limit. Thanks to sturdy Velcro fastening system, you can fit it just right for your body. It is highly durable and comfortable. The lumbar spine area is equipped with stabilizing protective padding that provides reliable core support. It is ideal for both male and female athletes who want to break through their own personal limits.

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Profi Fitness Belt with stabilizing protective padding in the lumbar area provides reliable support and helps strengthen the core 

Profi Fitness Belt should be a part of every strength athlete's equipment, especially if they're looking to continuously break their personal limits. The lumbar spine area is equipped with stabilizing protective padding, which provides better support and helps strengthen the core. This is further contributed to by the sturdy material. You can always be sure that the belt will withstand the strain of each set, helping you lift ever heavier weights.


The belt is equipped with particularly strong Velcro fastening system designed to resist high strain without opening up. In addition, it provides ample space for adjusting the size of the belt, meaning it will always fit you just right. The sophisticated design and high manufacturing quality of this belt presents a major advantage. It is made from pure nylon, which makes it comfortable and easy to maintain. It will no doubt accompany you on many trainings and help you achieve ever improving results.         


Profi Fitness Belt & its advantages

  • a belt with strong Velcro fastening system
  • adjustable size
  • the back area is approx. 13.5 cm wide
  • made of sturdy and durable material
  • equipped with stabilizing protective padding in the lumbar spine area
  • comfortable to wear
  • stabilizes and strengthens the midsection for heavy lifting
  • lightweight
  • suitable for men and women



100 % nylon


Size Chart

Waist circumference 67-77 cm 77-87 cm 87-97 cm 97-110 cm 110-120 cm



The proper size is determined by measuring your waist circumference around the bellybutton. 

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