Climaqx Other Workout Equipment

Other Workout Equipment from manufacturer Climaqx is a category where you'll find various accessories that should be a staple in the life of any amateur or professional athlete. Some aid in exercising different muscle groups, while others enhance recovery or simply express the love for an active lifestyle.

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In the category of other fitness equipment, you'll find:

  • Fitness tools, such as squat blocks, which can increase the range of motion during squats and reduce lower back strain on top of that. For those who prefer not to use gloves, there's a great alternative available in the form of classic or liquid chalk, which absorbs moisture, wicks away sweat, and contributes to a firm grip. Another interesting addition to spice up your arm exercises could be the BFR band, which operates on the BFR (Blood Flow Restriction) system to maximize the effectiveness of bicep strength training.
  • Accessories and practical equipment that make every athlete's life easier. A great example is a handheld milk frother used for quickly preparing rich milk foam, which is an essential part of cappuccinos, macchiatos, hot chocolates, or matcha lattes. You can then enjoy your drink in a ceramic cup with an elegant design featuring the GymBeam logo. Ladies who are going to the gym right after will then certainly appreciate the Claw hair clip, which keeps hair in place even during the toughest workout sessions. Runners and other interval sports enthusiasts are sure to find a great companion in the digital stopwatch, which is handy for better progress and time tracking. Moreover, they will also appreciate the arm phone holder, ensuring their smartphone is always within reach while working out. For more convenient supplementation, there are various pillboxes available, and a chill tub can come in handy for recovery.

However, the category of other fitness equipment holds much more, and the choice of picking your next fitness accessory is entirely up to you.

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