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Other Tests from manufacturer Cerascreen is a category that covers home diagnostic test kits, with the help of which you can detect the deficiency of vitamins, minerals, omega-3 fatty acids or other nutrients. These include, for example, vitamin D or omega-3 fatty acids test kits. All these nutrients play an important role in the body and are absolutely vital for its proper functioning. Therefore, sooner or later their deficiency would manifest in different ways. Low levels of certain essential nutrients may have an impact on health, appearance, mental wellbeing or overall energy. These diagnostic test kits can thus help prevent deficiency and maintain the optimal functioning of all bodily processes.

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However, there are also diagnostic test kits that can help you identify the possible cause of your health problems. If, for example, you feel bloated or suffer from digestive problems after eating bread or other wheat or rye foods, gluten intolerance may be to blame. This is precisely what a home diagnostic test kit can help detect. Based on this, you will have the opportunity to consult a specialist and make adjustments to your diet in order to optimize your digestion and once again feel good after eating.

Home diagnostic test kits are therefore a great aid, thanks to which you can identify the deficiency of vital nutrients or reveal the cause of other health problems in a timely manner. 

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