Purasana Other Sweeteners

Other Sweeteners from manufacturer Purasana is a category in which you will find mainly healthier alternatives to classic white sugar. They are usually vegan and in BIO quality, thanks to which you can be sure that you are choosing the best variant for your body. For example, you can use agave powder or syrup, which has a low glycemic index and is therefore also suitable for diabetics. Coconut lovers will also enjoy sweetening with coconut sugar or syrup. It goes well with pancakes as well as maple syrup. If you are a raw vegan desserts lover, then you are certainly no stranger to sweetening with date pastewhich also perfectly replaces sugar and at the same time provides the body with the necessary vitamins, minerals and fiber. And if you want to try even lesser-known sweeteners to satisfy your cravings, for example panela, which is a powder made from sugar cane, or lucuma, which is a powder made from sugar cane, or lucuma, which can be prized for its high fiber content.


You will certainly find many uses for these sweeteners in the kitchen. You can add them to coffee, tea, smoothies or any dish in which you want to reduce the content of classic white sugar and replace it in a healthier way.

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