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Other Supplements from manufacturer Goldfield is a category that covers complex products, which offer a way to take care of your overall health.

This includes digestive enzymes and probiotics, which serve as food for the beneficial bacteria living in the intestines. They can therefore promote a healthy intestinal microflora that is important for optimal digestion, overall resilience and better absorption of nutrients.

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Furthermore, you can also find here herbal supplements with the content of adaptogens, antioxidants or plant extracts. Their effects are sure to come in handy during those long days, when one has to deal with mentally or physically stressful situations. Their main purpose lies in increasing the body's resilience, promoting balance in the body and supporting overall vitality.

However, supplements for better sleep are also worth mentioning, as sleep plays a key role in our overall health. It helps maintain many biological processes, such as healthy brain functions or the body's defences. However, quality sleep is also necessary in case you are trying to lose weight or gain muscle. Its deficiency can disrupt biological processes and cause trouble in the long run.

Nutritional supplements are one of the ways to promote sleep, as they help calm the body and relieve tension or stress. For example, among the most popular ones is Melatonin, which helps shorten the time it takes to fall asleep. Apart from this, it also reduces the subjective feelings of fatigue after a long flight to a different time zone, known as jet lag. Other effective sleep promoting supplements include, for example, GABA or Ashwagandha.

The other supplements category also contains products that fight against cramps. These can arise from overloading a particular muscle or muscle group, for example, as a result of strenuous physical activity. However, unpleasant cramps can also appear unexpectedly while at rest, for example, while you are sleeping. Their emergence is often attributed to the lack of magnesium, whose various forms can be also found in this category.

Next we have supplements that support the health of hair, nails, and skin. These will come especially handy for the ladies who would like to take maximum care of their beauty. The other supplements subcategories will provide them with products with the content of vitamins, minerals, and other active ingredients. These affect the quality of hair, nails and skin, such as Pink Beauty.

The offer of hair, nails and skin products is further complemented by supplements containing the Coenzyme Q10, which helps mitochondria with energy production while also being an antioxidant, which the gentlemen might appreciate as well.

You can also find here a subcategory called nootropics & brain. This includes products with the content of plant extracts, which are able to increase the body's resilience against external factors such as stress or tense situations. In addition, they can contribute to a better concentration or improve alertness. An example is DMAE, Rhodiola Rosea or L-Theanine.

Next, there is a subcategory focused on gaming. This boasts products tailored to the needs of e-sports players as well as all the video game enthusiasts. We are talking about blends that can contribute to improved concentration, quick reflexes or a proper dose of energy for those long online matches. Their ingredient profile couldn't do without Caffeine, which can give you a nice energy boost, or Taurine that is a common part of energy drinks. Of course, they are also enriched with vitamins and minerals.

The Other Supplements category also includes a subcategory with products focused on liver support, which is a vital organ of the human body. Here you can find products with a functional ingredient profile in the form of choline, which contributes to maintaining optimal liver function. There is also milk thistle, which is sought by people who seek maximum support for this indispensable organ. That said, if you have no idea which product might suit your needs, the ideal solution may be, for example, Liver Support in the form of capsules with a complex ingredient profile.

This will also come in handy in case of anti-ageing supplements, which are a popular way to support your overall vitality. This is, for example, Quercetin in a practical capsule form, which ranks among the strongest antioxidants. These are able to protect cells from oxidative stress, and thus help reduce the activity of harmful substances that supposedly have negative effects on our body.

Moreover, to help achieve optimal body functions, you can also reach for other special nutritional supplements. In this subcategory you can find products containing plant extracts to support overall vitality in the form of either a powder, capsules or tablets.

We should also not forget about mushrooms, respectively, their extracts in various forms. These boast a high content of bioactive ingredients and are the subject of research for their potential effects on the human body. Some of them rank among superfoods and tend to be part of a healthy lifestyle. A good example is the BIO Reishi Powder, which boasts a significant content of fibre. However, people often turn to mushroom supplements with the aim of restoring overall balance in the body, or to use them as a substitute for the invigorating effects of coffee, such as hericium.

Choose from a variety of other nutritional supplements and feel their magic on your own skin.

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