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Other Drinks from manufacturer STRIX is a category that contains mainly various types of instant drinks that will help you maintain an optimal water intake. If you are an active athlete, an ion supply drink will definitely come in handy, which will help with hydration and replenish important nutrients lost through sweating. For example, take magnesium. It affects the proper function of muscles, and its deficiency can manifest as fatigue or muscle cramps. The drink also helps supplement sodium and potassium. These minerals are important because they affect the overall hydration of the body. But that's not all, an ion supply drink can also contain a number of vitamins and carbohydrates that are sure to replenish the energy you need.

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Those who are trying to lose weight and want to diversify their water intake will also find something to their liking in this category. Sugar-free instant drinks that are low in calories but still taste great with water are also available. You can choose from a selection of flavours, so really everyone will find something they like.


In case you're wondering what your fluid intake should look like during the day, check out our article about water intake

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