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Other Cooking Ingredients from manufacturer Country Life is a category for those who are on the lookout for common cooking ingredients used in the kitchen or their various alternatives. Using these products, you can discover new flavours, perk up your traditional recipes and bring your salty or sweet dishes to perfection. For example, try swapping oil or the traditional butter for pure ghee. It makes for an excellent alternative for people who have problems with lactose intolerance. It can be used for cooking, baking, or roasting.

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Moreover, all the fans of peanut butter will also appreciate its powdered form, which has fewer calories and is a delicious source of protein. That said, this category offers truly a wide selection of products, so the choice depends solely on your taste buds. You can easily find here, for example, ingredients for baking or for making cakes, desserts, smoothies, or breakfast porridge. However, condiments suitable for salty dishes, salads, soups, meat or its plant-based alternatives are also no exception.

Discover our wide range of other cooking ingredients and bring your recipes to a whole new level. 

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  1. Apple fiber - Country Life
    Apple Fibre - Country Life
    97 % (6)
    From €1.95
  2. BIO Rice flakes - Country Life
    BIO Rice flakes - Country Life
    80 % (3)

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