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Ornithine 100 caps - Scitec Nutrition

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Ornithine is a non-essential amino acid whose main task is to transport waste products from the cell's mitochondria. It maximally increases the production of insulin and growth hormones IGF-1 and GH. Promotes glucagon secretion, which increases the "burning"of body fat and binds and breaks down part of the ammonia to a harmless glutamic acid form.

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Ornithine - amino acid for better growth hormone regeneration and production

Ornithine is a non-essential amino acid that is not bound in protein. Its main task is to transport waste products from the cell's mitochondria. Ornithine served in the diet acts as a specific insulin-releasing agent, IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor), GH (growth hormone) and glucagon. 

  Ornithine 100 caps - Scitec Nutrition


Alpha-ketoglutarate is the third chemical compound of the Krebs cycle, allowing energy to be released in the cell. It also plays an important role in nitrogen metabolism, especially in amino acid biosynthesis. Its efficiency increases during intense loading. Alpha-ketoglutarate is a good source of energy with little effect on fluctuations in blood glucose and thus insulin. OKG is manufactured based on the opposite pH properties of the individual molecules. The combination of two ornithine molecules and one alpha-ketoglutarate molecule produces the ornithine salt of alpha-ketoglutarate.


Ornithine and its effects

Only in the recent past did scientists investigate how to supplement the nutrition of hospitalized patients recovering from extensive burns, complex surgery, or post-traumatic shocks. The basic problem was the inability to absorb the required amount of amino acids. The possibility of their insufficient income was ruled out at the outset. The main cause of low protein synthesis was the excretion of glucocorticoids and cortisol as the major catabolic hormone. This prevented cell proteins and other chemical compounds from cooperating on tissue repair. Another problem was the inability of the organism to function within the 24-hour cycle of hormonal action of insulin and glucagon. Administration of OKG in the diet revealed that the insulin and glucagon responses of the pancreas improved significantly, and anabolic effects were also seen. 


The use of Ornithine is completely universal. Whether you are doing super-intensive or super-slow training, OKG suppresses glucocorticoid secretion as well as the overall manifestations of catabolism associated with it. In addition, it shortens the regeneration period, thereby increasing the assumption of new gains


Ornithine and its benefits

  • maximally increases insulin production, IGF-1 and GH
  • promotes glucagon secretion, which increases body fat burning
  • binds and removes the ammonia portion to a harmless glutamic acid form



L-ornithine HCl, transport medium (magnesium stearate), gelatine capsule.



Take 1-2 capsules at bedtime. You can also take one capsule before training. For better results, use together with 1 g of arginine and with 2 g of glutamine.


Table of nutritional values

Nutritional values1 caps

L-Ornithine HCI

700 mg



Not suitable for children, pregnant and nursing women. Do not exceed the recommended daily dosing. There is no substitute for a varied diet. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a dry place below 25 ° C, away from direct sunlight and frost. The manufacturer is not responsible for damages resulting from improper use or storage.

Allergen information: Produced in an enterprise that processes milk, soy, egg whites, gluten and peanuts.

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Ornithine 100 caps - Scitec Nutrition

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Ornithine 100 caps - Scitec Nutrition

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