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BIO Fennel-Anise-Caraway Herbal Tea is a blend of herbs with a mildly sweet taste and a touch of lemon scent. Its ingredients are entirely organic and include fennel, anise, caraway and lemon balm. These herbs are a common solution to bloating and other digestive problems.

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BIO Fennel-Anise-Caraway Herbal Tea - a delicious  herbal blend with lemon balm

BIO Fennel-Anise-Caraway Herbal Tea will delight every lover of aromatic tea. This organic quality blend consists of 40% fennel, 30% anise, 20% caraway and lemon balm. The blend has a pleasant, mildly sweet taste you will enjoy from the first sip. 


It is popular among people who suffer from bloating or other digestive problems. Its advantage is that it is a bag-portioned blend, which makes it very simple and fast to prepare. Just pour hot water over the tea bag and enjoy its pleasant taste. The product is hand-packed in ecological packaging.


BIO Fennel-Anise-Caraway Herbal Tea & its benefits

  • herbal blend containing fennel, anise, caraway and lemon balm
  • organic quality
  • has a pleasant sweet taste
  • popular among people with indigestion
  • suitable for vegans
  • comes in eco-friendly packaging


Fennel * 40%, anise * 30%, caraway * 20%, lemon balm*.

* from controlled organic farming


Suggested Use

Pour 250 ml of boiling water over 1 tea bag (1,7 g). Infuse for 5-10 min.



Store in a closed container in a cool and dry place.

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