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NPMG-2008 Massage Gun is an ideal massage tool for every household. It boasts high performance, which can help you relieve the tension in muscles and fascia and improve the blood circulation in the massaged areas, making your overall regeneration process more effective

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NPMG-2008 Massage Gun - effective tool for relieving muscle stiffness and tension, improving your regeneration process

NPMG-2008 Massage Gun is an effective massage accessory for all athletes as well as non-athletes. Its versatility makes it an ideal tool for all professional masseuses and physical therapists. The high performance and four massage extensions will help you relieve the tension in your muscles and fascia. This is something you will appreciate particularly well after a strenuous workout session, or a long day at the office desk. It can improve the blood flow in the massaged muscles, making their regeneration more effective and accelerating the convalescence of the body after a demanding physical performance. The gun weights only 660 grams, meaning it's easy to take anywhere you go - whether it's the gym, an important match, or a vacation. 


When using the NPMG-2008 Massage Gun, you can pick from five different speed settings. It's easy to handle, even for self-massage. Aside from boosting your regeneration, it can also be used to activate and warm up your muscles before a workout or a significant race or match. Doing this might ultimately help you perform better.


NPMG-2008 Massage Gun & its advantages

  • an effective massage tool for both athletes and casual users
  • 5 intensity level settings 
  • weights only 660 g
  • the package includes four interchangeable extension heads
  • ideal for massaging stiff muscles after a long sedentary session
  • helps relieve stiffness and tension in the muscles
  • may improve blood circulation in the massaged area


Technical details
Battery rechargeable, 24V Li-Ion 2600mAh
Battery life 4-6 hours. (depending on the intensity level at which it is being used)
Battery recharge period 4 hours.
Charging cable USB-C
Features 5 intensity level settings
Extensions 4 interchangeable extension heads for full body massage
Vibration frequency range 1800-3200 rpm
Noise levels 35 dB
Weight 0.660 kg


The package includes: 1x massage gun:, 4x massage extension heads, 1x charging cable USB-C, user's guide



Warning – make sure you read all the instructions for use before using the product. If the following instructions are not adhered to, the device might short-circuit, cause a fire or an injury to people.  


Ensuring safe operation environment for your massage

1. Don't use the NAIPO FitWave Massage Gun in any environment, where there is a risk of explosion or conflagration. Avoid environments with combustibles, gas or dust present.  

2. Keep away from the reach of children when using the device. A distracted child might lose the control of the device. 


Personal safety

1. Do not use the device if you are fatigued or under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Careless operation of the device can lead to injury.  

2. The body needs to remain in a stable position during the use of the device so as to make sure it can be handled properly and that you can avoid unexpected situations.  



Before using the device, please read the following instructions carefully. 

1. Do not use the device on your head or other hard body parts such as your bones. Use exclusively on soft tissue. It is also not recommended to use the device on body parts covered in a particularly thin layer of muscle.  

2. The use of this device is not a proper substitute for professional medical treatment. In case you experience pain, use other medical devices or undergo a medical treatment for a specific condition, consult your physician before using the massage gun.  

3. To avoid any pinching, watch out for your fingers and hair, keeping them at a safe distance from the massage head of the device. 

4. Don't submerge the device in water. If it happens to fall into a water container, please send the device for revision to an authorized expert for maintenance and repair. 

5. Do not expose the device to fire. 

6. Do not attempt to disassemble the device in any way. 

7. When not in use, always turn the device off. 

8. Do not use the device while driving. Respect all traffic indications, limitations, and laws. 

9. This device may not be used by persons with physical, mental or sensory defects and disabilities, or by persons lacking the knowledge and experience to handle the device, unless they've been previously instructed by a supervising person on how to use the device, and how to avoid any possible risks of use. Do not let children play with the device. Children should also not try to clean or provide maintenance to the device without supervision of an adult. If no extension is mounted, avoid touching the head of the device, in order to avoid the risk of pinching. When mounting a massage extension, also avoid touching the head itself, to prevent pinching.    


Personal limitations of use

This device is not intended for use by everyone. If any of the following conditions apply to you, please consult the use of the device with your physician: 

1. pregnancy

2. you use a cardio stimulator, or have any concerns about your health

3. you suffer from a physical disability

4. you are recovering from a recent surgery. 

These conditions don't necessarily indicate that you have to avoid using the device altogether, but we strongly recommend that you consult your physician before doing so.  

Practical experience shows that in many cases, additional vibration treatment can be a valid and effective method of medical treatment. It is crucial however, that it is only done under the advice and supervision of a physician, a medical expert or a physical therapist.      


How to use the device

1. Charging the device

Use the USB-C cable to connect to a power source, and leave it connected until fully charged. 

* We recommend charging the device fully before the first use.

2. Mounting the massage extension

Pick the massage extension you intend to use and mount it on the head of the device.  

3. Massage

Powering the device on: Press and hold the power on button for 2 seconds, until a LED light indicator comes on. 

Commencing the massage: Press the start button once again. Pressing the button further also cycles between the intensity level settings from 1 to 5.

Powering the device off: Press and hold the start button for 2 seconds.

4. Smart intensity adjustment

The massage gun has a smart feature, which automatically adjusts the intensity level of the massage according to how the device is being used.        


Massage Extensions

The U-head 

  • Intended areas of massage: Back muscles and spine area
  • Purpose: Relieves the muscle group and restores their flexibility. 

Standard head

  • Intended areas of massage: Full body massage, stiff muscles (for relieving tension). 
  • Purpose: Improves the regeneration of soft tissues, reduces aching after strain. Provides a mild, indirect massage. 

Round head

  • Intended areas of massage: Indicated muscle groups and a deep muscle tissue or injured joint massage (aim-specific massage). 
  • Purpose: Relieves muscle tension and knots. 

Flat head

  • Intended areas of massage: Muscles the regeneration of which requires an energetic massage. 
  • Purpose: Deep muscle tissue massage for relaxing muscle tension.


Charging the device

1. Three short flashes of the LED indicator in red colour indicate that the battery is almost depleted, and requires charging.  

2. While the device is being charged, the LED indicator flashes white. Once the device is fully charged, the five white indicator lights come on at the same time.



Cleaning and maintenance

1. Do not exceed the indicated period of use, which is 30 minutes a day.

2. After use and before cleaning, always remember to switch the device off.

3. When using the device, do not throw it around.

4. Clean using a dry cloth. Don't use machine oils, organic solvents or any other chemicals for cleaning.  

5. Store the product in a dry place if you won't use it for an extended period of time. Do not expose the device to environments with high humidity or temperature. We recommend charging the device every six months to avoid deep discharge of the built-in battery.

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