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NP-MG01 Mini Massage Gun is the ideal massage tool for every home. It has a high power that can help relieve muscle and fascia tension, improve blood flow in the massaged muscles, and make overall recovery more effective. It has a compact size and is maximally portable, allowing you to take it with you everywhere.

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NP-MG01 Mini Massage Gun - a practical tool for regeneration and reduction of muscle tension and stiffness

NP-MG01 Mini Massage Gun is a functional massage tool for all athletes and non-athletes. Moreover, professional masseurs and physiotherapists will also appreciate its versatility. Thanks to its high power and 4 different massage heads, it can help relieve muscle and fascia tension. This will be especially appreciated after a hard workout or after a day at work in the office chair. Furthermore, it can improve blood flow in the massaged muscles, making overall regeneration more effective, which leads to a faster recovery of the body after sports. It is small, very compact and weighs only 390 g. Thanks to this, you can take it with you to training, an important match or on holiday.


When using the NP-MG01 Mini Massage Gun, you can choose from 5 speeds with a frequency of up to 3000 rpm, which provides a deep massage. It is easy to operate, so you can easily massage yourself. You will also appreciate its compact size and ergonomic shape, which fits well in the hand. In addition, the device is quiet in operation but powerful at the same time. It has a light indication of the current intensity and battery level. It also has the advantage of easy charging via USB-C cable. In addition to targeted regeneration, you can also use it to warm up and activate your muscles before a workout or race, allowing you to deliver a better performance in the final. 


NP-MG01 Mini Massage Gun & its benefits

  • a functional massage tool for demanding athletes and non-athletes alike
  • has 5 intensity levels with a frequency of up to 3000 rpm 
  • weighs only 390 g
  • lightweight and portable
  • package includes 4 interchangeable massage heads
  • charges via USB-C cable
  • has a low noise level
  • ideal for massaging stiff muscles after long sitting
  • helps relieve muscle stiffness and tension 
  • can improve blood circulation in the massaged area
  • can be used before and after workouts
  • suitable for travel
  • ideal after a day of sedentary work



Technical details  
Battery recharcheable, 24V Li-Ion 2500 mAh
Battery life min. 2 hours (depending on the selected intensity)
Charging time 2 hours
Functions 5 speed levels
Frequency of vibration 1800–3000 rpm
Massage heads 4 different massage heads for the whole body
Noise 45dB
Weight 0.39 kg


Important safety instructions 

  • Massage only those areas that are not swollen or injured. Do not use if you feel pain or discomfort. 
  • Do not use on the head, bones and firm areas of the body. 
  • We do not recommend massaging one area for a long time. As soon as you feel pain or discomfort during use, stop using the device. 
  • Massage only clean and dry areas. Press and move gently over the skin. 
  • Keep fingers, hair and other body parts away from the vibrating axis of the device to avoid trapping them. 
  • Do not use on or in eyes, teeth, dentures, genitals or artificial limbs. 
  • Do not use in areas where fracture may occur. 
  • If you experience constant pain during use, stop using the device and seek medical attention immediately. 
  • The product is not a medical instrument and is not intended for medical purposes. 
  • Inspect the device body and USB cable before use. If any part is damaged, contact the manufacturer or seek professional repair service. 


Massage heads

Fork massage head

  • Areas targeted: back muscles around the spine.

Ball massage head

  • Areas targeted: back, shoulders, arms, hips, glutes, thighs, calves.

Bullet massage head

  • Areas targeted: targeted release of trigger points, deep massage.

Flat massage head

  • Areas targeted: Flat muscles in the back, forearms or thighs. 



  • Do not use the device while it is charging. 
  • Do not insert any objects into the ventilation holes. 
  • Do not immerse the product in water or allow water to enter the device through the ventilation holes. 
  • Do not drop on the ground or use improperly. 
  • Check that the device, battery, and USB cable are functional before using the device each time. 
  • Do not alter or modify the product in any way. 
  • Do not leave the product unattended when charging or switched on. 
  • Charge the device with the original USB cable ONLY. 
  • Do not place the device in a fireplace. 
  • Do not use the device continuously for more than 1 hour to avoid overheating. Leave the device switched off for 30 minutes before using it again.
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