Mutant Creakong 300 g - PVL


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The most tested and certified creatine which improves performance, supports the muscle mass growth and increases power. Creakong absorbs quickly and by this, it prevents flatulence and improves protein synthesis. 

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Mutant CreaKong - pure creatine which improves performance, power and muscle mass growth

Creatine works. There are more than 300 studies which have proven that after protein, creatine is the best supplement for muscle mass building. The main goal of creatine is to increase power and to build muscles. Mutant CreaKong is the only mixture of pure and unique creatine sources which the effectivity is supported by several studies. 


Mutant Creakong - PVL


Three the best creatines which help to build muscle mass and power

Creapure – creatine monohydrate:
The most clinically certified form of creatine for performance improvement. Double-patented processing practices bring the excellent muscle performance. It increases muscle power and energy during hard training. 

Creatine Magnapower - creatine-magnesium chelate:
Proven performance improvement in contrast to placebo at controlled study. It helps to improve the speed of muscle contraction and protein synthesis. Unbeatable absorption and no flatulence and stomach irritation. 

Creapure – tri creatine citrate:
Unique creatine which incites ATP output for better energy generation. It accelerates creatine growth in plasma. 



  • the most tested and certified creatine which improves performance
  • it supports muscle mass growth and increases power
  • patented process leads to maximum effectivity
  • easy to absorb and by this, prevents from flatulence
  • improves protein synthesis



Mix one dose (4 g) with 250 - 300 ml of cold water and consume 20 - 30 minutes before training. 


Table of nutrition facts

Nutrition facts1 dose (4 g)
CREAKONG creatine mixture 4 g
Creatine monohydrate, Creatine-magnesium chelate, Tri-Creatine


It can contain cereals containing gluten, eggs, peanuts, soybeans, milk, nuts, sesame seeds, sulfur dioxide, sulphites 



Store in a dry and cold place. Not suitable for children, pregnant and nursing women. Keep out of reach of small children.

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