Universal Nutrition Multi Component Creatine

Multi Component Creatine from manufacturer Universal Nutrition is a category of products that combine the benefits of several types of creatine into one blend. However, in their ingredient profile, you can also find other active ingredients to support performance during exercise or muscle regeneration.

Just like the other forms of creatine, multicomponent creatine also helps promote the regeneration of ATP, which is known as a quick source of energy. Therefore, it has the ability to increase physical performance during short-term consecutive intervals of intensive training. For example, such supplements can contain up to 7 types of creatine in one product, such as  Crea7in. This makes it the ideal choice in case you do not know what to choose from a wide offer of different types of creatine.

If you are more interested in the topic concerning creatine, be sure to check out our article: How to Choose the Best Creatine.

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