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Mr. Papaya is a tasty, dried papaya snack ideal for every lover of fruit and exotic flavours. Its texture is reminiscent of the popular gummy bears, while retaining its original aroma and taste of fresh fruit. It is ideal as a quick snack for replenishing your energy.

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Mr. Papaya - delicious snack made from the exotic papaya, which retains its sweet flavour and aroma of fresh fruit  

Mr. Papaya is a tasty, dried papaya treat ideal for everybody who loves fruit and feels like trying out something exotic and new. Papaya originates in South America, from which it has spread across the entire tropical zone. It has an outstanding sweet and fresh flavour which is reminiscent of a blend of peach and pineapple melon. It is well known for its high contents of antioxidants and vitamins. Furthermore, it's rich in vitamin C, which contributes to the proper functioning of your immunity. What's more, it has a positive impact on your mental faculties and helps protect your cells from oxidative stress.


Thanks to the thorough drying process, its texture reminds of the popular gummy bears. Despite being dried, it retains all of the great flavour and aroma of fresh fruit, which you will certainly appreciate. Mr.Papaya is ideal as a snack anytime throughout your day, and will surely find its place in many fitness recipes. 


Mr. Papaya & its advantages

  • a delicious dried papaya snack 
  • outstanding flavour and aroma of fresh fruit
  • the flavour is similar to a combination of peach and pineapple melon 
  • great to eat anytime throughout the day
  • texture reminiscent of gummy bears



Papaya 82 %, sugar 16.9%, L-ascorbic acid 1%, preservative: sodium bisulfite 0.1%.


Nutritional Information

Nutritional Information100 g
Energy 1414 kJ / 338 kcal
Fats 0.18 g
of which are saturated fatty acids 0 g
Carbohydrates 83.2 g
of which are sugars 81.5 g
Protein 0.81 g
Sodium 25.4 mg
Vitamin C 15.2 mg
Salt 0.014 %



Keep in a dry and cold place.

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