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MGPC-002 Mini Massage Gun is an ideal massage tool for every household. It boasts high performance, which can help you relieve the tension in muscles and fascia and improve the blood circulation in the massaged areas, making your overall regeneration process more effective. It is small and easy to store and carry around.

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MGPC-002 Mini Massage Gun - effective tool for relieving muscle stiffness and tension, improving your regeneration process

MGPC-002 Mini Massage Gun is an effective massage accessory for all athletes as well as non-athletes. Its versatility makes it an ideal tool for all professional masseuses and physical therapists. The high performance and four massage extensions will help you relieve the tension in your muscles and fascia. This is something you will appreciate particularly well after a strenuous workout session, or a long day at the office desk. It can improve the blood flow in the massaged muscles, making their regeneration more effective and accelerating the convalescence of the body after a demanding physical performance. The gun has a compact design and weights only 480 grams, meaning it's easy to take anywhere you go - whether it's the gym, an important match, or a vacation. 


When using the MGPC-002 Mini Massage Gun, you can pick from five different speed settings. It's easy to handle, even for self-massage. Aside from boosting your regeneration, it can also be used to activate and warm up your muscles before a workout or a significant race or match. Doing this might ultimately help you perform better.


MGPC-002 Mini Massage Gun & its advantages 

    • an effective massage tool for both athletes and casual users
    • 5 intensity level settings 
    • weights only 480 g
    • the package includes four interchangeable extension heads
    • ideal for massaging stiff muscles after a long sedentary session
    • helps relieve stiffness and tension in the muscles
    • may improve blood circulation in the massaged area


            Technical details
            Battery rechargeable, 24V Li-Ion 2500mAh
            Battery life min.2 hrs.  (depending on the intensity level at which it is being used)
            Battery recharge period 3 hrs.
            Features 5 intensity levels settings
            Extensions 4 interchangeable extension heads for full body massage
            Noise levels < 45dB
            Weight 0.48 kg


            Important safety instructions

            • Do not massage injured or swollen areas. If you're experiencing any pain or discomfort, stop using the device immediately.  
            • Do not use the device on your head or other hard body parts such as your bones. 
            • Do not use the device pointed at the same area for extensive periods of time. If you're experiencing any pain or discomfort, stop using the device immediately.   
            • Use on clean and dry areas of the body only. Apply the device to the skin with mild pressure and move smoothly across the skin.  
            • Keep your fingers, hair and other body parts away from the vibration axis of the device, so as to avoid any pinching.  
            • Do not use on your eyes, teeth, thoracic prostheses, genitals or artificial limbs.
            • Do not use in any areas where there is a risk of breaking a bone.  
            • If you're experiencing continuous pain when using the device, stop using the device immediately, and seek professional medical assistance. 
            • This product is not a medical device, and is not intended for use as such. 
            • Before use, always check the integrity of the device's body, as well as that of the USB cable. If you find that any part is damaged, please contact the manufacturer or a certified maintenance and repair expert.  


            Instructions for use 

            Charging the device 

            • When the device is being charged, the connection indicator will be lit green. The indicator turns off when the battery is fully charged.
            • Mounting a massage extension: Push the intended massage extension firmly into the body of the device, while keeping the device turned off. (Note: When mounting the U-head,  make sure you align the clip with the matching slot in the device. The installation is complete once the clip sits tightly inserted into the slot. If this is not so, the extension might slip out.) 
            • Dismounting the massage extension: Turn the device off and simply pull the extension off the device (Note: Pull directly away from the device, do not twist the extension.)  
            • Starting the device: Press and hold the main button for two seconds. Start the operation at the lowest level of intensity.  
            • Switching between the levels: A short button press will cycle the intensity levels from 0 to 5. 
            • Stopping the massage: When the device is running on any of the levels from 1 to 5, you can press and hold the main button for 2 seconds in order to go back to 0, stopping the operation.  
            • Powering the device off: Once the device is stopped (at level 0), press and hold the button for 2 seconds again to turn the device off. 
            • Choose the level of massage intensity that fits your convenience.       


            Cleaning, maintenance and storage 

            • Clean the device using a damp cloth, and consequently wipe the excess moisture off using a dry cloth. 
            • If you intend to not use the device for a prolonged period of time: Place the device back into its original packaging and store it in a dry place. To avoid discharge damage to the battery, make sure to charge it once a month.  
            • Do not attempt to disassemble the device in any way. Always follow the instructions for changing the device's extensions. 
            • To make sure the battery functions at its optimal performance level, use it up and fully recharge it at least three times consecutively.      


            Massage Extensions

            The U-head 

            • Intended areas of massage: Back muscles and spine area
            • Purpose: Relieves the muscle group and restores their flexibility. 

            Standard head

            • Intended areas of massage: Full body massage, stiff muscles (for relieving tension). 
            • Purpose: Improves the regeneration of soft tissues, reduces aching after strain. Provides a mild, indirect massage. 

            Round head

            • Intended areas of massage: Indicated muscle groups and a deep muscle tissue or injured joint massage (aim-specific massage). 
            • Purpose: Relieves muscle tension and knots. 

            Flat head

            • Intended areas of massage: Muscles the regeneration of which requires an energetic massage. 
            • Purpose: Deep muscle tissue massage for relaxing muscle tension.



            • Do not use the device while it is charging.
            • Do not insert any objects into the ventilation openings.
            • Do not submerge the product in water or allow water to enter the unit through the vents.
            • Do not drop or use incorrectly.
            • Make sure that the device, battery and USB cable are always working before you start using the device.
            • Do not alter or modify the product in any way.
            • Do not leave the product unattended while it is charging or turned on.
            • Charge the device ONLY with the original USB cable.
            • Do not place the device near or into a fireplace.
            • To prevent overheating, do not use the device continuously for more than 1 hour. Leave it switched off for 30 minutes before using it again.
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