Men's Shorts - high waist

Men's Shorts are simply a must-have in every sporty and summer wardrobe. That's why you'll find an array of differently coloured pieces in this category, each boasting unique cuts and materials. Every man can pick precisely the kind of shorts that will best suit his outfits and overall wardrobe.

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How to choose men's shorts?

  • Functional 2-in-1 shorts combine looser and fitted shorts, so you don't have to worry about them rolling up; instead, you can be sure they'll fit perfectly and cover what they should.
  • Airy casual shorts are made from breathable and soft materials that feel incredibly comfortable on the body. You'll love wearing them for walks, lounging at home, or engaging in other leisure activities where maximum comfort is key. Besides their relaxed fit, they usually have an elastic waistband and practical pockets for your essentials. In short, they offer everything you would expect from a pair of shorts. And let's not forget about the warmer cotton shorts, perfect for less intense activities.
  • Shorts made from functional materials won't disappoint you during strength or endurance training. Often equipped with additional technologies, they adapt wonderfully to your body, ensuring a friction-free and comfortable experience. In other words, they're excellent functional shorts that you can't do without in the gym, on a run, or during hiking. Will you go for the compression, slightly fitted, or looser shorts?

If you're on the hunt for a piece of clothing that's an absolute must-have, especially during the summer, then shorts should definitely have a spot in your wardrobe.

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