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Men's Sporty Power Tank Top is a practical and perfectly designed top that will elevate every sports enthusiast's wardrobe. It's made from a functional material that reliably wicks away sweat, which makes it ideal for both working out and other leisure time activities. The sleeveless design will show your surroundings that you work hard on yourself. 

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Men's Sporty Power Tank Top is a stylish piece with modern design for training and other activities

Men's Sporty Power Tank Top has a unique and sophisticated design that will no doubt connect with every athlete's tastes in clothes. It's easy to combine with other apparel, which makes it a versatile and functional piece that will complete every gentleman's wardrobe. Aside from that, the top stands out with its functional material: the combination of polyamide and elastane ensures reliable sweat absorption. It is quick to dry, which is something you will no doubt appreciate during a particularly intense training, or when doing sports on hot summer days. 


The manufacturing quality is tailored to the needs of athletes, as the cut is designed to provide maximum freedom of movement. What's more, it will show everyone around that you don't go to the gym just to chat. When exercising you can watch your form and see closely as each muscle group enters into play as you perform, helping you spot potential flaws in your technique more easily. The top isn't too tight nor too loose, meaning you can use it for any activity you please and be sure it will always serve its purpose well. 


Men's Sporty Power Tank Top & its advantages

  • sport a sophisticated modern design
  • fabric combines polyamide and elastane
  • perfectly fitting cut
  • quick to dry
  • reliable sweat absorption
  • highlights arm musculature
  • suitable for sports and leisure time activities



80 % polyamide, 20 % elastane


Size Chart

(Body measurements)

Height 163-170 cm 170-178 cm 178-186 cm 186-192 cm
Chest 100-110 cm 110-120 cm 120-130 cm 130-140 cm
Waist circumference  80-86 cm 86-94 cm 64-102 cm 102-110 cm
Hips circumference 90-94 cm 96-104 cm 104-110 cm 110-118 cm
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