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Men's Hooded Tank Top is a practical piece with a sophisticated design that should definitely be a part of every sport enthusiast's wardrobe. It is made from a pleasant material that is superiorly breathable. This makes it great for training and other leisure activities. The tank top even features a practical hood so that you can put it up and better focus on your thoughts and on improving your performance. Last but not least, this well-designed piece is truly versatile. For example, you can wear it separately or with a long-sleeved compression top underneath.

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Men's Hooded Tank Top - a stylish and comfortable piece for all your training and leisure activities

Men's Hooded Tank Top boasts a unique and sophisticated design that will catch the eye of every modern athlete. You can perfectly match it with other clothes, which makes it a truly versatile piece that should be a part of every man's wardrobe. It can be worn either separately, or you can put a long-sleeved compression T-shirt underneath. Apart from its sophisticated design, it also boasts quality material. Cotton, which ensures superior breathability and comfort makes up 95% of this piece. What's more, it features a hood that you can put up to be alone with your thoughts and focus only on your performance. 


The manufacturer has tailored the cut to the needs of every athlete. It is sleeveless so that you do not have to worry about it restricting your movement in any way. This design will let your well-rounded shoulders and heard-earned arms really show. During your workout, you can then observe how you gradually engage individual muscles. This way, you can easily detect a poorly executed technique. The tank top is neither too tight nor too loose. Thus, you can wear it to any activity, and it will never let you down


Men's Hooded Tank Top & its benefits

  • sleeveless top with a practical hood for men
  • features a sophisticated and modern design
  • cotton makes it pleasant to the touch and breathable
  • the cut fits perfectly
  • it will highlight your hard-earned arms
  • suitable for sports and leisure activities



95 % cotton, 5% elastane


Size chart

Chest circumference 100-110 cm 110-120 cm 120-130 cm 130-140 cm
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