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Men's Trunks 1865 from the NEBBIA brand are a very pleasant-to-touch piece of underwear in which you will feel really comfortable. Whatever physical activity you choose to do, these trunks will stay in place firmly and comfortably. They are made of mottled material, which gives them their unique style, completed with the sleek NEBBIA logo.

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Men's Trunks 1865 - pleasant to wear trunks that will provide maximum comfort during any physical activity 

Men's Trunks 1865 are a stylish piece of underwear that will provide you with maximum comfort in every condition. They are ideal for a variety of physically demanding activities, during which they will never hinder your range of motion. You will appreciate them, for example, while running or cycling, during your strength or cardio training, but also for casual wear. These trunks will never cause you any discomfort, forcing you to correct their position, which often happens with lesser quality underwear. 


Their unique design and mottled material (a blend of polyamide and elastane) is perfectly complemented by the stylish NEBBIA logo placed at the top. While the polyamide ensures effective sweat absorption and keeps you dry during the hardest of workouts, the elastane component makes sure the trunks adjust to your body perfectly.


Men's Trunks 1865 & their advantages

  • stylish piece of underwear
  • provide you with maximum comfort even during intense physical activity
  • mottled design
  • made of a material that adapts to your figure and absorbs sweat effectively



88 % polyester, 12 % elastane


Size Chart

Waist circumference  80 - 86 cm 86 - 94 cm 94 - 102 cm 102 - 110 cm
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