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Men's Borg Shirt is made from a combination of recycled polyester and elastane, meaning the fabric is sturdy, flexible and elastic. You will appreciate this during any training, as it allows for full range of motion without restricting your mobility at all. Moreover, the t-shirt sports a minimalistic design with a prominent BORG logo on both sleeves. 

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Men's Borg T-Shirt - a minimalist piece made from recycled materials for maximum comfort during your training or leisure 

Men's Borg T-Shirt is perfect for every gentleman looking to feel comfortable in any type of training session. It's great for biking, running, or working out in the gym. It is made from recycled polyester, meaning you're also buying the sense of personal satisfaction of having made an eco-friendly choice. This material is combined with elastane, which provides the shirt with additional properties: the resulting fabric is sturdy, flexible, and elastic


All of this means that you will never feel restricted in your movement, as the t-shirt allows for full range of motion. It has a minimalist design decorated with a prominent BORG logo on each sleeve. What's more it's ideal not only for sports, but also for any leisure time activities, whether you're heading out downtown or into the woods for a hike or a walk.


Borg Tee Men's T-Shirt & its advantages 

  • provides maximum comfort for every type of exercise
  • made from fine recycled polyester and elastane
  • ideal for both sports and leisure 
  • sturdy, flexible and elastic 
  • provides maximum freedom of movement no matter the activity 
  • minimalist design decorated with BORG logo on each sleeve 


90% recyclable polyester, 10% elastane


Size Chart

Chest circumference 95 cm 101 cm 107 cm 113 cm 119 cm
Waist circumference 82 cm 88 cm 94 cm 100 cm 106 cm
Hips circumference 94 cm 100 cm 106 cm 112 cm 118 cm
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