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Matrix is revolutionary protein which has the composition of human mother's milk protein structure. It is great for digestion and has strong anabolic effect. Combines quick proteins with the slow ones in optimal proportion of 1:3 and additionally, contains also glutamine peptide. It is 74,19% protein.

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Matrix: revolutionary protein which has the human mother's milk protein structure

Matrix is revolutionary protein with concept obtained on the basis of multiyear examination. Its composition is based on the human mother's milk protein structure and that is as from the protein bioactivity aspect, as also from time availability of amino acids absorption aspect. MATRIX is the newsflash on the contemporary market of protein products and is one of the strongest legal formulas for the muscle mass growth. 


Matrix - Syntrax


All the components of MATRIX protein are processed such that they are not thermally denatured and preserve their bioactive features which only completely fresh protein has. Ultimate digestion and strong anabolic effect which is several times higher in contrast to classic forms of whey proteins. Protein Matrix has maximum anabolic potential. The proportion of quick proteins towards the slow ones is in optimal proportion of 1:3 which is the same as in the case of human mother's milk protein. This proportion in combination with glutamine peptide offers the strongest anabolic potential for human body.

Matrix and its benefits

  • revolutionary break in body-building sphere - strong anabolic effect, several times higher in contrast to classic forms (whey protein)
  • patented bioactive mixture MATRIX
  • the basic concept MATRIX on the basis of human mother's milk structure which consists of quick proteins in optimal proportion toward the slow ones - concretely 3:1
  • all the components of MATRIX are processed that they are not thermally denatured and by this, they preserves the same features as completely pure protein!
  • give us 8 weeks and we will indulge You a dramatic growth of muscle mass



the basic is made of undenatured (bioactive) whey protein, undenatured (bioactive) micellar casein, undenatured (bioactive) egg albumin and bioactive glutamine peptides in free form (8,4 g v 100g!). Whey protein is legislatively enlisted in the category concentrate thanks to preserved bioactive components content (peptides, lactoferrin, etc...), although it doesn't contain remainings of lactose as classic concentrate does.




Mix one dose (35mg) of Matrix in 3-4 dcl of water or skimmed milk. Use 2-3 times per day. The most suitable time is in the morning on an empty stomach, 20 min after training and before sleep. 

Table of nutrition facts

Nutrition facts100 g
Energy 387,1 kcal
Protein 74,19 g
Carbohydrates 9,68 g
Cholesterol 129,03 mg
Fats 6,45 g
Potassium 870,97 mg
Sodium 483,87 mg


Amino acid profile

Amino acids100 g
Isoleucine 5,8 g
Leucine 10,3 g
Lysine 8,7 g
Methionine 2,2 g
Fenylalanine 3,6 g
Threonine 6,4 g
Triptofano 1,9 g
Valine 6 g
Arginine 2,5 g
L-glutamine 8,4 g
L-histidine 2,1 g



The product is designed for healthy adults. If you are using any medicine, it is need to consult a doctor. Don't use when you are pregnant, want to get pregnant or when you smoke. Stop using or consult a doctor when you notice the adverse effects. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Designed for special nutrition. It is not designed for children! Keep out of reach of small children. Does not contain substances of doping character. 


Store in a dry place at a temperature not exceeding 25 ° C. Protect from frost and direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of small children. The manufacturer is not liable for any damage caused by improper use or storage. Product was processed in a factory that also processes milk, soy, eggs, crustaceans, nuts and peanuts. 

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