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Pulse Massage Gun is the ideal massage tool for every household. Thanks to its high frequency, it can help release tension in muscles and fascia, improve blood circulation in the massaged muscles, and thus boost overall regeneration. It is designed for the most demanding athletes and non-athletes, with regard to maximum care and soft tissue regeneration.
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Pulse Massage Gun - the perfect tool for effective regeneration and relieving muscle tension and stiffness

Pulse Massage Gun is a functional massage tool for all athletes and non-athletes. However, professional masseurs and physiotherapists will surely appreciate this handy and versatile tool as well. Its high performance, and whisper quiet operation with 6 different massage heads will easily help relieve the tension in your muscles and fascia. Relax your body after a strenuous training session or a long day of sitting at the desk. This amazing tool can also improve blood circulation in the massaged muscles, and thus boost overall regeneration, which leads to a faster recovery from sports and physical stress. It boasts high performance in the form of 4 levels of intensity with up to 3,200 rpm and with the right massage head, you can achieve a deep tissue massage and activate your trigger points. In many cases, their activation can relieve pain, stiffness and muscle tension.   


The Pulse Massage Gun from Power Plate has an ergonomic shape, light weight, so that you can easily enjoy the massage you deserve. It comes in a practical box with a total of 6 interchangeable massage heads for a massage of varying intensity and a charger to charge the battery with a capacity of 2 400 mAh, which can withstand up to 5 hours of wireless use. At the highest level of intensity, the gun achieves respectable 3,300 vibrations per minute that reliably stimulate blood circulation throughout the massaged muscle. This in combination with the release of muscle tension and other factors can allow for a quicker return to training and your favourite sports activities. It can also be used to warm up and activate your muscles before training. You can take this handy tool with you anywhere you go, so that you can enjoy a quick and effective regeneration.       


Massage gun Pulse Red - Power Plate


Pulse Massage Gun & its benefits

  • functional massage tool for demanding athletes and non-athletes
  • 4 levels of intensity with up to 3,200 rpm
  • wireless battery life up to 5 hours
  • boasts an ergonomic shape and a light weight - 1,200 grams
  • comes in a practical briefcase
  • package includes 6 interchangeable massage heads
  • perfect for massaging stiff muscles after prolonged sitting
  • relieves muscle stiffness and tension 
  • improves blood circulation in the massaged area and relieves pain




Technical Specifications
Benefits Whisper quiet operation and high performance 
Battery rechargeable lithium battery, 21.5 V, 2 400mAh
Charging method AC adapter
Battery life up to 5 hours (depending on the selected level of intensity)
Charging time up to 2 hours
Vibration level 4 levels of intensity 
Vibrations per minute up to 3 300
Massage heads 6 different full body massage heads
Frequency 3200 rpm
Amplitude 12 mm
Weight 1,2 kg
Automatic shutdown timer 10 minutes
Certification CE, FCC


How to use the massage gun?


  • Before using the product for the first time, it is necessary to fully charge the battery, which takes up to 6 hours. Simply plug the charger into a common household electrical outlet and then plug the charging connector into the battery charging port on the bottom of the massage gun handle. This is also where the on/off controls are located.
  • There are also 4 LED lights at the bottom of the handle that indicate the level of battery charge. Once all 4 lights are lit, the battery is fully charged. 
  • The battery can be charged at any time and at any capacity (if it is not already fully charged).
  • The average battery life is up to 5 hours, depending on the selected level of intensity and speed of the massage program and the applied massage pressure during use.   
  • After each charge, disconnect the charger from the power source.



  • Choose your preferred massage head and insert it gently into the hole on the head of the tool. Make sure the massage head is positioned correctly.  
  • At the bottom of the handle you will find a switch between the "on" and "off ", which you will switch to "on" position.   
  • To start the massage gun, press the power button on the back of the massage gun.
  • By pressing the power button again, you can select the desired level of intensity of the product on a scale of 1-4. You can tell the level of intensity of the product from the number of blue lights around the power button. 
  • There are 3 LED lights under the power button that you can use to determine the battery level, where 3 lights indicate a fully charged battery.  
  • Use the massage gun only on carefully dried areas of the body within the required pressure and level of intensity of the massage. Massage the desired area for about 60 seconds, and then smoothly move on to the next part of the body.
  • When you want to stop the massage gun, press and hold the middle power button on the back of the massage gun again. 
  • At the bottom of the handle you will find a switch between the "on" and "off ", which you will switch to the "off" position, thereby completely shutting down the product. 
  • Afterwards, gently pull the massage head out in a straight line. 
  • After using the massage gun, wipe the surface of the device and the used massage head with a slightly damp towel and dry off with a soft cloth.


Massage heads:

  • Fork Massage Head: It is typically used to relax and massage long and narrow muscles, which are located in the spine area and called the erector spinae muscles. It is also possible to cautiously and slowly massage the cervical region, Achilles tendons or shins. 
  • Thumb Massage Head: The rounded tip will help with more intense and deep massaging of the muscles. The massage head is also suitable for massaging and activating trigger points.
  • Large Ball Massage Head: This is the most versatile massage head for a wide range of uses on large muscle groups and their average level of intensity massage. For example, you can use it to massage your back, shoulders, arms, hips, buttocks, quadriceps, hamstrings or calves.   
  • Small Ball Massage Head: It is a smaller version of the large ball massage head, which has a similar use.
  • Large Flat Massage Head: It is suitable for a whole body massage, especially for areas with flat muscles and around sensitive and bony places. For example, it's the perfect massage head to massage your back muscles or forearms.
  • Small Flat Massage Head: It is a smaller version of the Large Flat massage head, which has a similar use.



The warranty lasts 2 years from the date of purchase and expires in the following cases:

  • Damage caused by accident, misuse, improper handling or transport.
  • The product has been subject to unauthorized repair or tampering.
  • The product was not used according to the instructions.
  • The damage exceeds the purchase price of the product.
  • There has been a deterioration in the condition of the product due to poor storage, handling or care from the side of the user.
  • Failure to provide a proof of date of purchase.



Consult your doctor before using the product, especially if you have any health problems, have an ongoing acute or chronic illness, are pregnant or have had a joint replacement surgery. The product is intended for adults only. Do not use the massage gun on your joints, head or other bony parts of your body. Bruises may appear after use. As soon as you feel any discomfort or pain in the massaged area, immediately stop using the product. Keep hair or any part of the body at a sufficient distance from the moving part of the device and the cooling ports on the back of the engine to avoid pinching. Do not insert any objects into the cooling ports on the back of the engine. The device is not intended to be used underwater or in hazardous conditions where there is a risk of water entering the internal system, for example through the engine cooling ports. Thus, always prevent any possibility of water getting inside the device. Store and use the product at a sufficient distance from liquids and heat sources. Use only the charger that is included in the product package. Inspect the device carefully before each use. Do not interfere with the functions of the product in any way. Do not start or charge the device in the automatic state. Do not use the product in any hazardous manner that could potentially cause damage to the product or result in injury to the user. Do not remove the screws or attempt to disassemble the product. After a continuous hourly operation, turn the product off and leave it to cool down for at least half an hour before using it again. Store the product in a dry place, protected from heat, moisture and direct sunlight.  

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