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HARDY Gel Massage Ball is a practical and effective self-massage tool that is designed to target hard-to-reach areas of the body. It reliably helps relax muscles by providing them with a deep tissue massage. It features a smooth surface and is small and portable, making it easy to use at home, at the office, at the gym or even during your trips.

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HARDY Gel Massage Ball is a small and practical self-massage tool designed to massage and relax hard-to-reach areas

HARDY Gel Massage Ball is a handy self-massage tool made of gel that will help relax your tired and sore muscles. The massage ball is small, making it easier to target hard-to-reach parts of the body and release trigger points. The main difference between smooth and spiky massage balls is that the smooth ball offers softer massage and is thus more comfortable and suitable for beginners


Simply use it all over your body by rolling the gel ball around specific areas with your hand or by lying on it with your body weight. This way, you can enjoy a deep tissue massage on your calves, shoulders, back, legs and other parts of the body. You can also use it to roll out your feet to release tension and muscle knots after a long day. Such massage may also help increase the range of motion.


Furthermore, the massage ball is light and portable, meaning that you can use it at home, at the office, at the gym or when travelling. It will thus help you release tension from your stiff muscles after a demanding working day or after some long journey. Moreover, using it to massage your muscles after an intense workout contributes to their faster regeneration, so you’ll be ready for your next challenge. Last but not least, the gel ball can also be used as an anti-stress ball as squeezing it may help to release tension in the muscles and anxiety. It thus promotes relaxation and helps reduce stress levels.


In such a manner, all of the above-mentioned benefits make HARDY Gel Massage Ball a great choice for anyone who takes good care of their health and body and is looking for a versatile, compact and effective massage tool.


HARDY Gel Massage Ball & its benefits

  • a practical and effective self-massage tool
  • made of gel
  • features a compact size and smooth surface
  • will help you relax tired and sore muscles
  • targets hard-to-reach areas and offers deep tissue massage
  • may help increase range of motion
  • light and portable
  • can be used at the gym, at home or at the office






Weight 150 g
Diameter 6.5 cm
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