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Maca is a dietary supplement in the form of capsules, which contains an extract from the root of the Peruvian plant Maca or Peruvian watercress (Lepidium meyenii). This superfood is rich in biologically active substances such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, steroid saponins, and plant sterols.

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Maca - Peruvian superfood extract with a high content of active substances 

Maca capsules contain 500 mg of plant extract from the root of Maca (Lepidium meyenii). Each capsule includes 2.5 mg of beta-ecdysterone, a substance of a steroidal nature and structurally similar to testosterone. Maca is one of the adaptogens, which are substances that can positively affect cognitive function, vitality, and contribute to optimal physical and mental health. Adaptogens can also help cope better with stress, adapt more effectively to it, and improve your body's immunity.


Maca is currently used worldwide to promote libido, sexual performance, male reproductive health, and to support increase in energy levels. 


Maca & its benefits

  • superfood rich in biologically active substances
  • contains 500 mg of Maca root extract and 2.5 mg of beta-ecdysterone in one serving
  • known as an effective adaptogen
  • in a capsule form


Maca root extract (Lepidium meyenii) 0.5% beta-ecdysterone, anti-caking agent: magnesium salts of fatty acids, capsule (gelatin).


Suggested use

Take 1 capsule a day.


Table of nutritional values

Nutritional values 1 capsule
Maca extract 6:1 500 mg
beta-ecdysterone 2.5 mg



Nutritional supplement. The product is not a substitute for a varied and balanced diet. Store in a dry place at a temperature up to 25 ° C. Protect from frost and direct sunlight. Not suitable for children, pregnant and lactating women. Keep out of reach of children. The manufacturer is not liable for damage caused by improper use or storage. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. May contain cereal derivatives containing gluten, soy, milk.

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