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Lite Batman Shaker 800 ml is a practical shaker equipped with a strainer for preparing your favourite protein shakes, gainers, or any other beverages. The design is decorated with a theme that every fan of superhero comics and movies is sure to appreciate. It has a volume of 800 ml, reliable sealing and is made from BPA-free materials. Aside from using it for preparing your favourite drinks, this shaker also presents a stylish alternative to your regular water bottle

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Lite Batman Shaker 800 ml - a practical strainer-equipped shaker with a superhero theme for preparing your favourite protein shakes and gainers 

Lite Batman Shaker 800 ml will no doubt bring joy to every fan of superhero movies and comic books. This practical tool is equipped with a strainer and made to help you prepare your favourite protein shakes, gainers or other beverages. It can also be used as a water bottle, thanks to its generous volume of 800 ml, which is sure to help you keep your hydration regimen in check. The practical lid provides you with maximum comfort when drinking and ensures reliable sealing of the contents, meaning you will never have to worry about spilling your shaker by accident.


It is made of highly durable materials with the BPA-free seal, which means its use presents no health hazard. All of this makes this shaker the ideal choice for preparing your powdered drinks that you can also use as a simple water bottle that will above all express your love for superheroes. No fan of these iconic characters should miss out on adding this shaker to their collection. 


Lite Batman Shaker 800 ml & its advantages 

  • a practical shaker with superhero themed decoration
  • volume of 800 ml
  • designed to easily prepare your protein shakes, gainers, or other powdered beverages
  • can be used as a water bottle
  • practical lid for comfortable drinking
  • reliably seals its contents in
  • made from BPA free materials
  • perfect for every fan of superhero movies and comic books 
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