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Manufacturer: Gymbeam

LIFTER Barbell 30 mm is a sturdy barbell made from chrome-plated steel designed for strength training. It is suitable for doing both isolated and complex exercises, such as squats or deadlifts. It has a weight of 10 kg and a length of 150 cm. Its weight loading area has a diameter of 30 mm, and thanks to being equipped with groves and stops, the weight plates are held firmly in place. 

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LIFTER Barbell 30 mm is a great tool for both professional and recreational athletes to strengthen their entire body

LIFTER Barbell 30 mm is a sturdy steel barbell suitable for strength training. It’s ideal for both isolated and complex exercises such as squats, bench-press or deadlift, meaning it allows you to work your entire body, whether your goal is improving your strength, stamina or muscle mass. The barbell on its own weighs 10 kg and is 150 cm long. The plate loading section of the bar is 30 mm in diameter, and thanks to its grooved surface, the weight plates sit steadily on top of it. For ensuring that they stay in place properly, the barbell comes with two star-shaped stops for each side. The grip area is made with a ribbed, anti-slip surface, thanks to which it accommodates your grasp perfectly, so that you can focus entirely on your performance. 


In addition, you won’t have to worry about overloading this barbell. It fits weight plates with a loading slot diameter of 30 mm and can carry up to 136 kg. This means it’s suitable not only for beginners, but also for advanced athletes. After use, the barbell can be easily stored on a rack, or the corner of the room, as it is shorter than the regular 220 cm long bar. Thanks to its chrome plating, it resists corrosion and will remain in a good state for much longer. This barbell is the ideal choice for every home gym or a smaller commercial gym.


With LIFTER Barbell, we recommend purchasing the matching IRON Weight Plate 30 mm, with which you can easily adjust the resistance levels in your training.


LIFTER Barbell 30 mm - GymBeam


LIFTER Barbell 30 mm & its advantages

  • barbell made from steel
  • length of 150 cm
  • weight of 10 kg
  • plate loading area with a diameter of 30 mm
  • maximum loading capacity of 136 kg
  • the loading section is equipped with grooves
  • resists corrosion thanks to chrome plating
  • comes with two star-shaped weight plate stops
  • used for both complex and isolated exercises
  • suitable for both beginners and advanced athletes
  • ideal for every type of gym
  • anti-slip grip area





LIFTER Barbell 30 mm details

Bar weight 10 kg
Rod length 150 cm
Bar diameter (plate loading section) 30 mm
Product detail
Made in China
Distributor GymBeam, s.r.o. Rastislavova 93, Košice 04001, Slovakia
Legal category of the product accessories
EAN 8586024620568
HS code 95069190: --- Ostatné
Number of pieces per pallet 1 pc.
Number of pieces per package 1 pc.
Brutto weight 9.00 kg
Length 9.00 cm
Width 9.00 cm
Height 154.50 cm
Main category Weight Bars, Barbells & Dumbbells
Other categories Workout Accessories
Home Workout


Store in a dry place and protect from heat.

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