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L-Citrulline contains 3 g of the natural form of the amino acid citrulline in a single serving, which is used to support physical performance, delay fatigue, and promote regeneration. It is one of the most popular nutritional supplements among strength and endurance athletes, mainly thanks to its effects on better blood flow to the muscles during exercise.

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L-Citrulline - the amino acid citrulline in the form of a soluble powder, which is used to improve blood flow to the muscles

L-Citrulline contains 3 g of the natural form of the amino acid citrulline in a single dose, which is one of the popular nutritional supplements used to improve performance during competitions or fights. Citrulline is a substance formed by the body, and it is produced in smaller doses. It is also found in some fruits and vegetables. Its increased intake in the form of nutritional supplements can positively affect the performance of the athlete. In the body, it is converted to arginine and later to nitric oxide, which plays an important role in muscle blood flow. It can help delay muscle fatigue, improve the flow of nutrients and oxygen to the muscles for maximum possible performance. Overall, this mechanism can also support regeneration after a workout.


Thanks to its properties, it is an ideal nutritional supplement for endurance athletes who are looking for ways to help them run faster, as well as for strength-training athletes who will appreciate better blood flow to the tissues. Simply mix it in water or in your favourite pre-workout drink.


L-Citrulline & its benefits

  • a natural form of citrulline
  • contains 3 g of pure citrulline per serving
  • in the form of a readily soluble powder
  • converted in the body to arginine and nitric oxide
  • used to improve blood flow to the muscles
  • suitable for endurance and strength athletes





Recommended use

Mix 1 scoop (3 g) in 250-300 ml of water, in your favourite drink or pre-workout.  


Nutrition facts

Nutritional values1 scoop (3 g) 
L-citrulline 3 g


Store in a dry place at a temperature up to 25 °C. Protect from frost and direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of children.

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