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Home Workout Other from manufacturer GAIAM is a category that encompasses various workout accessories so that you can comfortably exercise at home. In case you have the essentials like resistance bands, weights, mats, workout bars and weightlifting belts or gloves all sorted out, then this selection offers smart options to further expand your home gym. These selected tools can be appreciated by beginners with ambitious goals as well as advanced athletes who want to have all the necessary things for comprehensive full-body workouts at hand.

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In the other home workout equipment category, you'll find:

  • Home gym machines that can take your home gym to the next level. These include rowing machines, air bikes, or trampolines, which are ideal for effective cardio workouts. They'll help you build endurance and stamina, and they're also perfect for weight loss, allowing you to burn calories.
  • Exercise equipment that perfectly complements your home gym setup. Examples include core sliders, which are innovative fitness accessories for developing and strengthening the entire core. This can also be aided by the grip ring, which helps fight stress on top of that. An interesting way to spice up dynamic training could be the plyometric box, which can help with explosiveness development.
  • Speed training gear, which is appreciated by professional, team, and amateur runners aiming to boost their pace. If you rank among them, you shouldn't miss out on agility ladders, which are also suitable for improving coordination. This is sure to be appreciated by footballers, MMA fighters, hockey players, and other team sports athletes. A resistance chute can be a great companion for increasing the intensity of a running workout. On top of that, it can assist in improving explosiveness, dynamism, and speed.

If you're unsure what is the right choice for you, be sure to read our article: Must-Have Accessories for Your Home Gym.

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