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Halftime Backpack is a premium accessory for sports and everyday use. It boasts the UA Storm technology that makes it suitable for any weather. It repels water and thus protects your belongings from getting wet and moisture. What's more, it features various pockets and one padded pocket where you can safely store your laptop. Lastly, it offers ergonomically shaped straps to ensure comfort while wearing.

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Halftime Backpack - a premium accessory for leisure activities with the UA Storm technology that is sure to protect your belongings from water and moisture 

Halftime Backpack is a premium backpack made from high-quality materials, which is suitable for everyday wear and sports activities. It is decorated with the Under Armour logo and features the UA Storm technology. This makes it a perfect fit for any weather, as it easily repels water. It will protect your belongings from getting wet and moisture. In addition to that, the Halftime Backpack also features various pockets and one padded pocket, in which you can safely store a laptop with a size of up to 15".  


Adjustable and ergonomically shaped straps will, in turn, ensure the maximum comfort. Moreover, the backpack boasts a volume of 22 litres and will easily hold all your things. The front side then features two waterproof pockets for storing valuables such as your mobile phone or wallet. We also can't forget about a practical webbing that you can use to hang, for example, a bottle, and the like. Last but not least, it has a very durable bottom panel, which is resistant to abrasion and wear. This means that you do not have to be afraid to place it on the ground, even in the most difficult terrain.  All of this makes Halftime Backpack an ideal choice for all the people who are looking for an honest quality for their various activities.


Halftime Backpack & its benefits

  • made of high-quality materials
  • boasts the UA Storm technology that repels water 
  • protects your things from moisture and getting wet 
  • features one padded pocket for storing a 15” laptop 
  • has adjustable and ergonomically shaped straps 
  • comfortable to wear 
  • has a volume of 22 litres 
  • offers a practical webbing for hanging additional things
  • features a very durable bottom panel






Length 30 cm
Width 16 cm
Height 48 cm


Bag and backpack maintenance

  1. Bags and backpacks are best cleaned manually, using a cloth or soft sponge dipped in lukewarm soapy water.
  2. Avoid washing bags or backpacks in the washing machine, do not clean with chemical agents and do not put them into a drier.
  3. Do not overload bags or backpacks with excessive weight in order to avoid mechanical damage to seams and handles.

Maximum recommended weight:

  • XL size bag: 30 kg, L: 20 kg, M: 15 kg, S: 10 kg
  • Backpacks and handbags: 3–10 kg depending on the size



The company's warranty on Under Armour products only applies to defects that arise during regular and intended use of the product and does not cover cases where the appearance or functionality as well as the expected service life of the product are changed due to:

  • natural wear and tear caused by long term regular use
  • incorrect or inadequate manner of use leading to premature wearing out of the product
  • incorrect manipulation with the product or interference with the product by various repairs carried out outside the authorized facility
  • incorrect or inadequate manner of performing maintenance, or the lack thereof
  • changes in any discovered manufacturing defect as a result of the delay in the warranty claiming process
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