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Golden Era T-Shirt is a comfortable top with a loose fit and extended sleeves. Its design is reminiscent of the golden era of classical bodybuilding, when Arnold Schwarzenegger still walked the stage. It is made from a pleasant material, which combines quality cotton and elastane. As a result, it will better fit your body shape and boasts superior breathability. It is perfectly suitable for training and casual wear.

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Golden Era T-Shirt - a retro design T-shirt that is comfortable and perfectly fits any body shape 

Golden Era T-Shirt is a comfortable top with a retro look, simple, loose cut, and extended sleeves that fits any body shape. But that's not all, a special stitching will visually expand your shoulder and trapezius muscles. This way, the V shape of your back will stand out more than ever. It is made of a combination of quality cotton and elastane. These materials make it highly comfortable and superiorly breathable at the same time. This T-shirt is the right choice for training as well as casual wear. 


It refers to the golden era of classical bodybuilding, when Arnold Schwarzenegger still walked the stage. Furthermore, it features a large print on the chest that says NEBBIA 1965, and a small Mr. Olympia logo located on the back will gain your attention as well. This original designer piece is sure to enrich your wardrobe.   


Golden Era T-shirt & its benefits

  • a comfortable top with a classic design
  • features extended sleeves
  • boasts a retro look referring to the golden era of bodybuilding
  • made of a combination of cotton and elastane
  • features the Mr. Olympia logo on the back
  • suitable for training and casual wear      



95 % cotton, 5% elastane   


Size chart

Chest circumference 100-110 cm 110-120 cm 120-130 cm 130-140 cm
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