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Glutamine 4K are vegetarian-friendly capsules that provide you with 4 g of glutamine in one serving. Intake of this non-essential amino acid is especially important for athletes, as its level is depleted by exercise. However, it is also important for the cells of the immune system.

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Glutamine 4K - vegetarian-friendly capsules providing 4 g of glutamine in one serving

Glutamine 4K is in the form of capsules providing 4 grams of glutamine in one serving. This non-essential amino acid is especially important for athletes, as the level of glutamine decreases during demanding exercise, so it needs to be supplemented. However, the intake should not be neglected by non-sporty people, as glutamine is one of the amino acids important for cells of the immune system. This product is made of capsules that are easy to swallow. In addition, it has been tested for athletes, so also professional athletes can supplement this product.


Glutamine 4K & its benefits

  • it is in the form of capsules
  • easy to swallow
  • vegetarian-friendly
  • tested for athletes
  • helps to replenish glutamine in muscle tissue



HPMC (vegetarian capsule), magnesium stearate.


Recommended use

Take 4 capsules daily. The capsules are best consumed after a workout to help restore the level of depleted glutamine.


Nutrition facts

Nutritional values 1 serving (4 capsules)
L-Glutamine 4000 mg      



This product has been manufactured in a GMP facility under strict quality control to ensure its consistently high quality that meets the registration (MA) requirements or product specifications.

If you are under 18 years of age, pregnant or breast-feeding, suffering from any medical condition or taking any prescription medication, consult a qualified healthcare professional before using this product. Store this product in a cool, dry place, out of reach of children. Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage. 

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