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Chocolate Brown Full Leather Fitness Belt is a quality, full-leather belt for maximum safety and comfort during workout. Thanks to the soft anatomically shaped foam padding, it adapts perfectly to your body and will protect the spine along with the body core. It is also equipped with a D-ring allowing to hang additional weights to the belt.

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Chocolate Brown Full Leather Fitness Belt - high-quality full-leather belt with anatomically shaped padding for comfort and safety during demanding workout

Full Leather Fitness Belt is a durable, full-leather belt that serves to protect, fix and strengthen the spine and core of the body during a demanding workout. The upper layer of the belt is made of 5 mm quality leather. On the inside of the belt there is a soft, anatomically shaped padding that perfectly adapts to the body. The belt has a fastening, which consists of 2 brass tongues. In addition, it is equipped with a D-ring on its front part allowing additional weight with a maximum of 8 kg to be hung-up to the belt. The width of the belt is 10 cm. 


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Waist circumference 62-80 cm 72-90 cm 82-100 cm 92-110 cm 102-120 cm
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