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Foam roller Prime Roller Grey is an effective massage aid to improve overall mobility, increase muscle range and relieve stiff muscles. It is made of high quality foam resistant to mechanical damage. Foam roller reduce the risk of injury and to help recover from injuries.

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Prime Roller Grey - foam roller for exercise and relieve of stiff muscles, which secures increase of muscle range and facilitate recovery from injuries

Prime Roller Grey is a massage aid to improve overall mobility, increase muscle range, improve balance and gait. The special design of this product allows targeted massage and overall muscle integration. The massage foam roller is designed for self-massage relaxation techniques - relieve and relaxation of stretched and stiff muscles during and after training, reduction of pain in the muscular system and joints, increase of blood circulation and restoration of elasticity in the muscles.



Size (cm) 45 15



The foam roller has a load capacity of 150 kg.

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