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Pink Himalayan Salt is a natural unrefined source of salt. It excels with its pure composition without any unnecessary preservatives or colourants. Its pink colour is thanks to the contained iron. Sodium chloride is essential for the functioning of most organs of the human body, so you should not forget to salt your meals.

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Pink Himalayan Salt - natural salt without any preservatives and colourants

Pink Himalayan Salt is a great source of sodium, which is essential for the proper functioning of most human organs. It has a slightly pinkish colour, which is caused by the presence of iron. The advantage is that it does not contain any unnecessary preservatives and colourants and that is why it will flavour every meal perfectly. Remember that a pinch of salt should also be added to sweet dishes as it helps to enhance other flavours. At the same time, the salt can also be used in a bath and its beneficial effects are used especially by people with eczema or other skin problems.


Pink Himalayan Salt & its benefits

  • a source of sodium for the body
  • does not contain any additives
  • finely ground
  • adds flavour to salty dishes
  • enhances other flavours in sweet dishes
  • also suitable for the bath



100% Himalayan salt

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