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Rainbow Pink fitness gloves are women's leather exercise gloves suitable for strength training, cycling or inline skating. For maximum comfort and safety, the gloves are specially anatomically stitched on the palms. Elastic material provides breathability and moisture-wicking. You can easily fasten the gloves with velcro.

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Rainbow Pink Fitness Gloves - women's leather exercise gloves suitable for cycling, strength training or skating

Rainbow Pink Fitness Gloves are high-quality, women's leather exercise gloves. In addition to strength training, you will also fall in love with them when cycling or doing inline skating. The anatomically sewn part of the palms guarantees maximum comfort and protection of the hands during exercise. The elastic Lycra material, which is located between the fingers, ensures breathability and moisture-wicking during the entire training. The gloves have simple and comfortable Velcro fastening.


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Palm circumference 14,5 - 16 cm 16-17,5 cm 17,5 -19  cm 19 - 20,5 cm
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