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The adjustable Fitness Belt is designed for all strength athletes who are looking to strengthen their midsection while lifting heavy weights. Thanks to its sturdy Velcro fastening, it is easy to adjust to your body. It is durable, comfortable and lightweight, meaning you can take it to every training. Its design will appeal to both men and women alike.

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Fitness Belt is designed for all strength athletes looking to stabilize their core for safe progress in breaking their lifting limits 

Fitness Belt is an essential part of every strength athlete's equipment designed for stabilizing the core in order to safely push their weight lifting limits. It is equipped with extra strong Velcro fastening, which resists high strain without loosening up. The Velcro strip is long enough to accommodate your body type, meaning you won't have to worry about your belt being too large or too small for you. Another great advantage of this product is its high manufacturing quality. Despite being made of a very sturdy material, the belt is equipped with inner padding, which prevents unpleasant pressure points. Working out with this belt is therefore extraordinarily comfortable. It will help you fix and stabilize your core, providing you with security and support you need to confidently lift heavy weights, assisting you in achieving your best results safely. 


Fitness Belt & its advantages 

  • belt with strong Velcro fastening
  • wide-range adjustability
  • the non-padded section of the belt is 7 cm wide
  • the padded section of the belt is 13.5 cm wide
  • made from sturdy but comfortable material
  • pleasant to wear
  • stabilizes your core for heavy lifting
  • suitable for both men and women



25 % nylon, 65 % polypropylene, 10 % polyester


Size chart

Waist 75-85 cm 80-90 cm 90-100 cm 100-110 cm 103-113 cm


The proper size is determined by measuring the waist circumference around the bellybutton.

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