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Fit Prep Food Bag + 6 Food Containers is a very practical solution allowing to always have your meal with you. Its capacity is 27.7 litres, it contains 6 practical meal containers and a hot/cold pack, offers enough space, safe storage, and it will keep your food at required temperature. You won't have to worry about any spilling or leaking anymore. It's suitable for those who prepare their food in advance to work or school, and are looking for an effective solution of carrying it and having it always with them.

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Fit Prep Food Bag + 6 Food Containers - have your whole-day menu always with you

Fit Prep + 6 Food Containers offers enough storage with capacity of 27,5 litres. It contains 6 practical meal prep containers and a hot/cold pack. Food preparation, crucial for those who want to reach their goals, is one of the pleasant duties of a fitness lover. However, you cannot always enjoy it at home. If you want to cook, control your food and energy intake, eat healthy foods, it may help you to put your meals into the containers and carry them with you. That's when meal containers and meal prep bags come in handy.


This elegant and functional Fit Prep Food Bag is easy to carry, and thus allows you to take your breakfast, morning or afternoon snack, lunch, or dinner anywhere with you. It will keep your meal at the required temperature, and you won't have to worry about it cooling down or warming up too fast. In addition, it will ensure you have your daily nutrients always with you. This practical bag is made of high-quality materials. It represents a very practical solution for work, school, or on the road. You'll store your food safely without any spilling or leaking.                     


You can also use a hot-cold gel pack, which is included in the packaging, to aid muscles recovery.


      Fit Prep Food Bag Black + 6 Containers - GymBeam        

Fit Prep Food Bag + 6 Food Containers & its benefits

  • capacity of 27.5 litres
  • contains 6 meal containers and a hot/cold pack
  • a practical solution to have your meal always with you
  • ideal for people who love meal prep
  • offers enough storage space and keeps your meals safe



Properties Food Container Bag*
Length 20 cm 56.5 cm
Width 14 cm 23.5 cm
Height 5.5 cm 32.5 cm
Volume 1 L 27.5 L

* dimensions do not include side pockets

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