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Fit drink is a functional RTD drink containing the most popular fat burner L-Carnitine and folic acid, which contributes to the proper functioning of the immune system. With zero sugar, fat and calories, it is the ideal drink for athletes and healthy lifestyle lovers.

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Fit drink - ready to drink beverage containing L-Carnitine and folic acid

Fit drink is a ready to drink beverage with zero content of sugars, fats and calories, which you'll fall in love with due to its unique taste. The functional drink contains a high amount of L-Carnitine, the world's most popular fat burner and folic acid, which contributes to the proper functioning of the immune system. It is also involved in blood production, proper amino acid synthesis and promotes healthy mental function. A refreshing beverage is intended for athletes and people who want to reduce their body weight and get rid of fat pads.


Fit drink 250 ml - ActivLab

Fit drink & its benefits

  • comfortable zero sugar RTD drink
  • contains fat burning L-Carnitine and folic acid
  • contains no fat or calories
  • promotes blood production
  • plays a role in amino acid synthesis
  • contributes to the proper functioning of the psyche
  • helps reduce the feeling of exhaustion and fatigue


Water, acidity regulator - citric acid, carbon dioxide, L-carnitine, aromas, sweetener - sucralose, colors: red (Cochineal red), brilliant blue, folic acid.


Recommended use

1-2 cans per day, preferably 30 minutes before training. We do not recommend exceeding the daily dose.


Nutrition table

Nutritional values
1 serving (250 ml)
Energy value 0 kcal
Protein 0 g
Carbohydrates 0 g
Fats 0 g
L-carnitine 500 mg
Folic acid 100 mcg
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