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Fit Cereal Biscuits - a delicious snack full of oats, dried fruit and other popular ingredients. The product does not contain any added sugar and excels in high fiber content, which ensures a longer feeling of satiety. Enjoy as part of a morning or afternoon snack or at any time of the day. You will also appreciate it on long journeys and trips when you are caught off guard by unexpected hunger.

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Fit Cereal Biscuits have a delicious taste and contain no added sugar

Fit Cereal Biscuits will win you over with their delicious fruity or cocoa taste, crunchiness and great ingredients profile. They contain whole grain oats and are full of dried fruit, which will ensure their pleasant sweet taste. As a result, they have a great taste without unnecessary added sugar. In addition, the product features a high fiber content which is important for healthy digestion and will also make sure that the biscuits satiate you for a longer period of time. 


Perfect as a part of a healthy morning or afternoon snack. However, it will also come in handy to replenish energy before or after training and at any time during the day. You will also appreciate these biscuits on long journeys and trips when you are caught off guard by unexpected hunger. 


Fit Cereal Biscuits & its benefits 

  • crunchy healthy snack 
  • contains whole grain oats and dried fruits
  • no added sugar
  • free of palm oil
  • dried fruits or cocoa take care of its great taste
  • suitable as a healthy snack
  • suitable before or after training
  • ideal for trips  



Cranberry flavour: Wheat flour, whole grain oats 26%, dried fruit 21.5% [raisins (raisins, coconut oil), dates (dates, rice flour), dried cranberries with 5% pineapple juice (juices, sunflower oil)], sunflower oil, inulin, concentrated apple juice, raising agents (bicarbonate soda), flavouring.

Apricot flavour: Cereal products 52% (wheat flour 26%, whole grain oats 26%, rice flour), dried fruit 21% (raisins, dates, peach, apricot 2%), sunflower oil, inulin (bicarbonate soda), vegetable oils (cottonseed, rapeseed or sunflower), natural flavouring.

Cocoa flavour: Wheat flour 38.9%, whole grain oats 18.5%, sunflower oil, dates, sweeteners (maltitol, xylitol, soluble corn fiber, low-fat cocoa 2%, raising agents, cinnamon, flavouring, sea salt.  


Recommended use

Suitable as a morning or afternoon snack or at any time of the day.


Nutrition facts

Nutritional values (cranberry flavour)100 g 
Energy value  1840 kJ / 439 kcal
Fat 17 g
   of which saturated  2.1 g
Carbohydrates  59 g
   of which sugars  21 g
Fiber 10 g
Protein 7.5 g
Salt 0.45 g
Nutritional values (apricot flavour) 100 g 
Energy value  1821 kJ / 435 kcal
Fat 17 g
   of which saturated 2.1 g
Carbohydrates  58 g
   of which sugars  20 g
Fiber 10 g
Protein 7.4 g
Salt 0.48 g

Nutritional values (cocoa flavour)

100 g 
Energy value  1811 kJ / 432 kcal
Fat 16 g
   of which saturated 2 g
Carbohydrates  65 g
   of which sugars 11 g
Fiber 6 g
Protein 8.2 g
Salt 0.49 g



Allergen warning: Allergens are indicated in bold in the ingredients list of the product.
May contain traces of milk and soy.

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