STRIX Exercise Balls & Balance Pads

Exercise Balls & Balance Pads from manufacturer STRIX are fitness accessories that help improve overall stability, balance, and body posture. With their unstable surface, using them requires engaging your core and other muscles to maintain balance. This allows you to work on strengthening your core and other muscle groups.

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How to choose the right fitness accessory for you?

  • Exercise balls come in various colours and sizes. When choosing one, consider the activities you'll use it for and select the ideal diameter accordingly. This ensures you can effectively work on all muscle groups with proper technique. Additionally, exercise balls can serve not only for exercising, but also as an alternative chair, as their round shape encourages the engagement of your core even during regular sitting. This way, you can strengthen your deep stabilizing system while working or sitting.
  • Massage balls are here to prove that fit balls aren't solely for exercise. With their small plastic protrusions, you can treat yourself to massages targeting different muscle groups and relieve the tension in your muscles.
  • Balance boards & pads are designed for various functional training exercises. They help activate muscles that may not be targeted during isolation exercises. This results in a more comprehensive full-body workout, even by simply standing on the pad. You can choose between flat balance pads or opt for convex ones resembling half-balls. The latter are available in smaller versions, allowing to be used individually under each foot while exercising.

How to use exercise balls and balance pads?

When training with this fitness equipment, safety is absolutely crucial. These fitness tools are unstable, so it's essential to focus on proper technique and engage your core.

  • Exercise balls can be used for various types of exercises, including different jumps and abdominal workouts. They can be incorporated into crunches or knee raises while in a plank position. They are also excellent for stretching the entire body, rehabilitation exercises, and relaxation workouts.
  • Balance boards and pads are very versatile in their nature. Beginners can start by simply standing on them and gradually increase the difficulty by, for example, standing on one leg. Over time, you will be able to progress to even doing single-leg squats on the boards. Equipment like the Half Ball is also useful for rehabilitation exercises, such as knee strengthening. Some boards come shaped like unstable planks, and the stability and coordination skills you develop through regular use can be beneficial for activities like skateboarding, snowboarding, or surfing.

If you're looking for ways to strengthen neglected muscles, improve balance and overall stability, strengthen your body, and work on proper posture, then fit balls and balance pads are the right fitness equipment for you.

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