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Family Gifts from manufacturer Cerascreen is a category of products where you can choose something special for each member of the household. This includes health and beauty supplements, joint nutrition, diagnostic test kits, cooking ingredients or fitness equipment. If you want to make someone happy with a practical gift, you've come to the right place.

Health is most often associated with vitamins and minerals. These substances are essential for the smooth functioning of the whole body. Therefore, you can select from among complex multivitamins, an immunity support package, or supplements with the content of vitamin C, magnesium, or zinc. However, this category also offers healthy fats in the form of omega-3 fatty acids or probiotics that are beneficial for digestion. And of course, there are the specially designed chewable vitamins for children. Your loved ones will also appreciate help with detecting the lack of vitamins or minerals in the body, thanks to the home diagnostic and DNA test kits.

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No matter who's the cook in your family, they will surely appreciate some extra cooking ingredients that they can use in the preparation of healthy goodies. Make sure their pantry is stocked with spelt flour, nuts, seeds, and high-quality oils. Everyone loves a balanced breakfast, so feel free to treat your loved ones to delicious muesli, peanut butters, protein bars or a protein milkshake. And if you have an athlete in the family, the Just Whey Protein or joint nutrition will definitely put a smile on their face as well. Last but not least, there are also resistance bands and fit balls for those who like to exercise at home. Come and surprise your family or friends with something special. You just can't go wrong with our gift ideas!

If you still can't decide and are looking for more Christmas gift ideas for men, women, athletes or non-athletes, you can find them in our article: Christmas Gift Tips for Fitness and Healthy Lifestyle Enthusiasts.  

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